Your team, accountable to consistent timelines

Track timelines in Salesforce and set process SLAs:
  • Identify bottlenecks and goal breaches
  • Find Work In Progress -overloaded team members
  • Measure Cycle Time, from process start to finish
  • Analyze response time and duration of each step
  • Benchmark by team, partner, type, and more

Managers drown in data, yet can't answer fundamentally important questions:

"Who needs help the most, and on which action items? What's the real priority?"

"Where is my overall process bottlenecking?"

"Is the team moving more quickly over time?"

"Where and when are breaches happening on an SLA or goal for the team?"

Flowdometer answers all these questions, built right in.

Just pick an object and field, and start tracking.

Quickly create goals and SLAs and begin measuring your team's performance.

Without oversight, all processes will bottleneck.
Flowdometer makes it easy to reclaim a smoothly flowing process.

Set Clear Expectations

Set goals for your team at every part of your process. Enforce an SLA and know when and where breaches happen

Find Problems Quickly

Built-in Dashboards show you where bottlenecks exist in your process, and benchmark your team members

Any Process, Any Object

Track any stage or status on any object in Salesforce, even Custom Objects